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What we offer.

Foundation Pelvic Therapy is a different style of healthcare that places you in control. We focus on helping you do what you love without dealing with leakage or pain. We offer multiple treatment types to accommodate your individual needs. Not sure if it will be a good fit? Set up a discovery call to talk to the therapist and find out how we can help. Let's chat.


Initial Evaluation 

In-person evaluations will last 90 minutes. During this time, we listen to your story, complete a physical assessment, develop a plan and initiate treatment. Physical assessment is customized for each patient and it may include direct assessment of the pelvic floor. We will explain the purpose of the exam and process for completing the exam to ensure your comfort. You will always be in control.

Follow-Up Visit

Sessions will last 60 minutes. During this time, we will discuss your progress and adjust treatment to help you meet your goals. Treatment may include manual therapy, individualized exercise and education.

Virtual Visit

Virtual sessions provide the same high level of movement assessment and access to education. Virtual visits can be completed as 30- or 60-minute sessions, depending on your need.

Bump to Birth

Bump to birth is a service is designed with the soon-to-be mom in mind. The session will be focused on maximizing postural alignment, improving breathing, push prep and preparing the pelvis and pelvic floor for birth.

Birth to 6

Birth to 6 is a service to support a new mother before her 6 week checkup. This session will be focused on posture, safe mechanics while caring for baby, breathing, addressing pain and building a foundation for the core and pelvic floor.

Free Discovery Call

Do you have questions about pelvic therapy? Are you wondering if Foundation Pelvic Therapy will be a good fit? Schedule time to speak with the therapist to find out how we can help.

Wellness Service

Have you finished formal therapy, but feel like you need help maintaining your level of fitness and strength to prevent a decline in health? We offer wellness services to those wishing to continue to exercise under the supervision of their therapist.

How We Treat.

Manual Therapy | Hands on treatment that includes soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release (internal and external), visceral mobilization, Graston technique (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), scar mobilization.

Therapeutic Exercise | Explore exercises to strengthen your body as a system, address urinary leakage and pelvic pressure while improving range of motion, posture and stability.


Neuromuscular Re-education | Make sure the right muscle groups are working and re-train your body to move with strength and ease.

Movement Assessment | Address movement patterns during basic daily activities and activities you love including weightlifting, running and sports. 

Education | Learn strategies to help ease constipation, reduce pain and improve sexual function.

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