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Using a whole-body approach, we treat a range of conditions relating to the pelvic floor. As physical therapy experts with extensive knowledge of orthopedic conditions, we look at the pelvic floor in relation to the rest of the body to provide patients with the most comprehensive care.

What we offer.

Foundation Pelvic Therapy is a different style of healthcare. We provide services in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We understand real life, so there is nothing you need to do to prepare your space. Our team will bring any necessary equipment or utilize things you already have around the house.

If you feel more comfortable in a different environment or want access to additional workout equipment, speak with your therapist about options to schedule in her home.


We work with patients who experience symptoms like…

Bladder Dysfunction

Including urinary incontinence, urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, difficulty urinating, pain with urination and post-surgical issues.


Including difficulty with conceiving, pubic symphysis pain, sacroiliac pain, back pain, hip pain and more. We also help with increasing or maintaining level of activity and preparation for birth.

Bowel Dysfunction

Including fecal incontinence, urgency, difficulty emptying, painful bowel movements, constipation and pelvic organ prolapse.


Including painful scar tissue, diastasis recti, pelvic pain, back pain, pelvic floor weakness, bladder problems and bowel problems. We also assist with safe return to activity.

Pelvic Pain

Including coccydynia (tailbone pain), vulvodynia (vulvar pain), vaginismus, painful abdominal or pelvic scars, painful intercourse, endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Orthopedic Problems

Including diastasis recti, neck pain, low back pain, sacroiliac pain, hip pain or knee pain. We can also provide general movement assessment to help improve efficiency and reduce pain with your current exercise routine.


Initial Evaluation 

In-person evaluations will last 90 minutes. During this time, we listen to your story, complete a physical assessment, develop a plan and initiate treatment. Physical assessment is customized for each patient and it may include direct assessment of the pelvic floor. We will explain the purpose of the exam and process for completing the exam to ensure your comfort. You will always be in control.

Follow-Up Visit

Sessions will last 60 minutes. During this time, we will discuss your progress and adjust treatment to help you meet your goals. Treatment may include manual therapy, individualized exercise and education.

Virtual Visit

Virtual sessions provide the same high level of movement assessment and access to education. Virtual visits can be completed as 30- or 60-minute sessions, depending on your need.

Wellness Service

Have you finished formal therapy, but feel like you need help maintaining your level of fitness and strength to prevent a decline in health? We offer wellness services to those wishing to continue to exercise under the supervision of their therapist.

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